Wouldn’t life
be simple if
around mental
health came
with subtitles?

But, they don’t. So, let’s give them one.

Statistics say, someone around you is going through SUICIDAL thoughts, episodes and planning RIGHT NOW

Did You Know That
You Can read the early signs of depression and take action at the right time.

How Can You Help?
GWith the WHO recommended suicide prevention strategy, the Gatekeeper Program learn to read signs and prevent suicides.

Engage | Converse | Persuade In just only 1 hour.


people can now read subtitles to suicide

Half of all mental illnesses
begin by the
age of 14


Suicide is the 2nd leading
cause of death among
15-29 year olds


Half of mental health conditions begin by
age 14, and 75%
of mental health conditions develop by age 24

(Nami org)

60 percent
of all completed suicides have
an underlying mental health issue


1 hour of your time is worth 1000's of lives saved